My Real Job

I’ve been in the mortgage business about three years — first as a loan processor and now as a loan officer. My past experience helps me to know, up front, what complications may arise from certain scenarios and how to be proactive in managing them, instead of reacting to them at the last minute. Our team here at Bank of Little Rock Mortgage is rooted strongly in faith, family and loyalty. Our customer service is amazing!

My Real Life

My husband and I have five children (only three at home), four dogs and a passel of cats. Our oldest son lives in Wisconsin and our oldest daughter is in the Air Force, stationed in Afghanistan. When we have free time, we volunteer at our church, attend school activities with our kids, or visit family. As for me, I play bass guitar on our church worship team and I love a good book!!

My Real Story

My heart is in working with and helping people! As an example … a gentleman came to me to refinance his mortgage, but there was an issue with his title that no one had wanted to deal with. Through the years, his mortgage had been sold several times to different investors, one of whom had never filed their deed release after his second mortgage was paid off. To make matters more complicated, that bank had been bought out by another larger bank which, in turn, had been purchased by another bank. It took me a little bit of time to track down the contact information for the people who could help me by providing the deed release, but we closed his loan with a great new interest rate and lowered his monthly payment by several hundred dollars.


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